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mindDay is hiring!


mindDay est le partenaire qui aide à prendre soin de son bien-être mental et de son épanouissement.

Fondé en 2021, mindDay est une startup avec un modèle SaaS B2B qui propose d'accompagner les collaborateurs d'entreprises grâce à une application contenant des contenus, outils, exercices et surtout la possibilité d'être mis en relation avec un professionnel adapté, coach ou psychologue pour réaliser un travail personnalisé en téléconsultation.

Job Description

Let's recruit Mindders. They are professionals in mental care and psychology.
The role of the mindder is to support the employees whose companies are clients of mindDay in their personal development and in their psychological well-being in both their professional and personal life.
You will carry out psychological consultations and counseling. These consultations will only be done remotely.

Preferred Experience

  • You hold the title of psychologist (validated master 2).
  • You are trained or undergoing training validating the practice of behavioral and cognitive therapies.
  • You can have additional training in: Mindfulness, ACT therapy, ICV, Hypnosis, systemic therapy.
  • Techfriendly: you are comfortable with the IT tool and with the practice of video-conference consultations (ZOOM).
  • Your mastery of English
  • You have a taste or experience for writing psychology texts and for developing psycho-educational programs.

Recruitment Process

Meeting and interview with Hervé Montes MD psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Other
  • Location: Paris, France (75002)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree